Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Week 1.1 Introduction and Beginning

Let me introduce myself. I am Marlin Carpenter. I am a senior at South University Majoring with a Bachelors of Science in Graphic Design. My passion for the Digital Arts comes from a variety of different sources. This is developed from my love for art, the ever changing digital world, and new mediums to developing wonderful artwork. In the beginning I was not sure what exactly Graphic Design was nor did I know what to expect. Originally my initial thought was that design was more related to drawing and craft work with minimal computer use, more or less another form of fine arts. Soon after I discovered that I was in for a huge surprise. There was a lot more work to a design then there appeared to be. The thought processes it takes to create a successful design, the concept time, as well as the use of natural talent and creativity while working within set medians and limitations to the creative work. All of this as well as providing the best and most fantastic work we can produce. After being in the Design program for three years, I have learned so much, improved my skills, gained a higher confidence in myself, and developed a broader understanding of design and professionalism. Graphic Design is not only my career, but it is my passion, my life, and it is who I am.

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