Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Week 5.1 Crate Label

In this design I looked to make an undesirable product, in this case Industrial Sludge, appear appealing. At first I wanted to disguise the product with a more friendly name such as "Hair Gel" and add more to the overall appeal. I used a photograph I took a a local pond in order to create the illustrated background of the man fishing. Purposely of a bald man in order to portray the effects of the sludge and the hair loss it created. Originally his shirt said "co-exist", however I felt it would be humorous to throw in a context clue about what the product actually was, so I changed the words to "Industry Sludge." The choice of yellow in order to represent sludge, pollution, and industries. Then I threw in a tag line that I felt would attract customers, "All Natural," "Environmentally Friendly," and "Great for Attracting Women." I purposely chose for these to be contradictions to add to the over all humor the design was meant to have. Finally for the bottom line I put in product information, "Made in an Industrial Canal in Downtown Chicago, Ill." and "A Proud Product of the United States of America" with the USA flag to top it all off. None of this was intended to be insulting but overall to be funny as the design was made to be.

"To turn a terrible product into a seemingly beautiful one."

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