Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Week 6.2 Have You Ever Seen a Flying Fish?

Have You Ever Seen a Flying Fish?

The beginning process of this piece of work was for this work was formulated by the idea of:

"How am I Going to Develop an Image for my Client"

This was a very simple task, or so I thought. May ideas can storm from a client, like my fictional client; "The Association of Zoos and Aquariums." So eventually I came across the concept,

"What if I were to put together a creature of land and sea and use the name of a known animal that closely represents the animal I created in a literal form."

In this case I chose Flying Fish. So what I did was a collaboration of photos, which were manipulated in order to create the realistic feel of the flying fish, created a depth of field to develop perspective, and added multiple types of flying fish to develop a habitat for them. Come to think of it, just to create a design such as this I had to develop an entire world just to satisfy the creation of realism in which leads to the over all concept of developing new life.

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